Democrat Richard Brackner Calls on Republican Challenger to Debate for Open House Seat

Gulf Shores — Richard Brackner believes that the people of State House District 95 deserve to see a debate between their two candidates. Republican nominee Frances Holk-Jones has stated that ‘nobody is interested in the idea of a debate.’  Democratic nominee Richard Brackner strongly disagrees. 

“I have spoken to many voters in both parties who stated emphatically that they want to see their candidates debate the issues facing the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Refusing to debate is tantamount to ignoring constituent interests and opinions, which our elected representatives should never do,” stated Brackner.

The Brackner campaign believes there are two main reasons why a debate for this seat makes sense.

District 95 has not had two candidates running for this office in a general election in four election cycles – since 2006. 

For the first time since 1980, District 95 is an open seat and has two candidates who have never held political office. 

“The people of this community are owed the opportunity to have each candidate’s positions on important issues expressed openly for all to hear,” Brackner stated. “There is more than enough time to hold this event and plenty of open venues that would be available to host. My opponent’s lack of interest is indicative of how she would represent her constituents and how she would approach solving the challenging issues we face.”


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